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(This page is a work in progress.)

Human Rights

Illegal Activity

ICE and other immigration branches are currently involved in many illegal activities which often even result in human deaths, both of Americans and of immigrants. Remarkably–and unconstitutionally–many Americans are also illegally held and even deported. If you are part of ICE, please be aware of the full extent of what you are a part of and help us hold your organization responsible to the law. Here is an Amnesty International document explaining some of these situations.

Anonymously Reporting Illegal Activity

Unfortunately Trump Administration is expanding on persecution of whistle-blowers which was already pretty bad under Bush and Obama. However, anonymously reporting crimes committed by ICE and other immigration officials can and will save lives. If you are in a position where you know of crimes being committed by the government, please report them. If the normal chain of command does not work, it is your responsibility to report it to the media as whistle-blowing keeps America safe by cutting out the rotting inside which is far more dangerous than any threat from abroad.

I will soon produce a guide to safe and effective methods to leak information to reliable members of the press. Until then, here is a link to The Intercept which has a record of effectively disseminating important leaked information as well as protecting the public interest by carefully verifying its accuracy and redacting information which may put lives at stake. Here is a link to their resource, although I recommend using a public computer such as a library you do not normally visit to access it.

Declaration on the Rights of Expelled and Deported Persons

It is imperative that immigration officials must do a better job at respecting the human rights of the people they are expelling. The organization known as Post-Deportation Human Rights Project is working to draft a document codifying human rights requirements. This is not finalized yet, but you can read it in its draft state here.


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