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Women’s Health


(This page is a work in progress.)


Here are some free books for women’s health in the developing world. Please see our general health page for more books.

General Women’s Health

Health Actions for Women Provides inspiring activities, strategies, and stories that help challenge violence against women, improve access to family planning, foster safe motherhood, promote strategies for better sexual health, counteract restrictive gender roles, and improve health services for women and girls.

Where Women Have No Doctor An essential resource that helps a community understand, treat, and prevent many health problems that affect women. Topics include reproductive health, violence, mental health, HIV, and more.

A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities Developed with the participation of women with disabilities in 42 countries, this guide helps women to overcome the barriers of social stigma and inadequate care to improve their general health, self-esteem, and independence.

Women’s Health Exchange The Women’s Health Exchange is a series of resources for education and training on a broad range of women’s health topics, from family planning, to domestic violence, to women and work.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

A Book for Midwives A vital resource for practicing midwives and midwifery training programs around the world, this book covers the essentials of care before, during, and after birth. Updated to reflect new WHO/UNICEF guidelines for mothers and newborns.


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